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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  June 28, 2016 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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good night from new york. [♪] kennedy: happy monday. i'm still watching the fallout from brexit. i have to say, you did great, britain. a majority of british voters chose freedom over safety. remember when our president went to the uk and tried to lecture the brits on how they should vote in their own course of action. >> our focus is in negotiating with a big bloc the european union, the trade agreement time. the uq will in the back of the queue.
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kennedy: then he held this somber press conference taking britain's vote too personally. >> it promises to bring extraordinary benefits, by the also has challenges, and it evokes concerns and fears. kennedy: prime minister david cameron took an even more robust gut punch. >> the british people have made a clear decision to take a different path, and as such i think the country requires fresh leadership to take it in that direction. kennedy: i guess your view of uncertainty dovetails with your view of humanity. if you think human beings are inherently good and can be trusted when left to their own devices. more free trade is good for everyone especially if you are the ones socked in the kisser by
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trade agreements that don't allow you to buy cheaper stuff. the eu has been horrible for countries like greece that turned the uk into a welfare state. the great divorce means the european union can act way it wanted to, an anti-democratic super state. but now the uk has a choice as we do in these united states. it can take its free money and cut tax, slim down, lean up and become a free market tour house or give into that dim view of human nature and force britain back into the yoke of authoritarian socialism. >> i believe we have a glorious opportunity. we can pass our laws and set our taxes entirely according to the needs of the uk economy.
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kennedy: embrace the freedom, boris. and may freedom spread like the zika virus in a cesspool. on the show ambassador john bolton join me to talk about britain leaving the eu and its ramifications. danna perino is here. i will talk to two shark attack survivors. i'm kennedy. the british took their country back and donald trump is about to ride the populist wave to the white house if you believe him. my party panel.
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pete hegseth is always wearing his sash under the blazer. he's a veteran of two wars. world war i and world war ii. pete, i'll start with you. what does this mean for donald trump. does this have any impact politically in this country? >> it's a 100% positive sign for donald trump. there is a hidden reservoir of people who don't like the ruling elite telling them how to live. in the uk they find amount alley rejected that. that same sentiment under lies, whether it's the tea party, this sense there is a detachment, we are getting screwed and now is the time to do something about it. donald trump, even though those who don't love what he has to
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say are still willing to vote for him. kennedy: the correlation has been drawn months earlier in the spring. people were saying don't count donald trump out. what's happening in europe is going to happen over here. do you think britain leaving the eu is catastrophic for this country? >> no, but all of those so-called experts are redistricting it will be catastrophic for the country. but when they get that wrong, they predicted they wouldn't vote to leave europe. and they were wrong about that. they have been yong all along. i think this is a rejection of the ruling elite. the people with this sense they are being ripped off are correct. they are being ripped off. kennedy: their bottom line continues to tell them something here is not right. >> they are sending hundreds of
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millions of pounds to an association of o oligarchs in brussels. brussels. >> it will depend on how it affects the economy in the united states. a lot of the themes are the same we just talked about, anti-elitism and anti-establishment. but how does it affect our u.s. economy? if you are economy tanks as the economy in britain has not been doing well in light of all this, it's bad for the incumbent party always in politics. that with seem to think donald trump would do better. but if people say look at the results of brexit. the economy went to shambles. the currency went way down. this ways happens when populism triumphs.
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if voters are that astute, it might have the opposite effect. this is assuming american voters, most of them are paying attention to the brexit. or how much of them really are or going to remember in november. kennedy: a new "washington post"-abc news poll has hillary clinton beating donald trump by double digits. 51-39. and the "wall street journal"-nbc poll has the athlete at 5. is donald done for or is there something about this nbc poll that is good news for hip when you actually fold jill stein and gary johnson into the batter? >> that's the actual concept.
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gary johnson will be on all the ballots. the majority of states will be decided that way. but none of these polls really mean anything. these two have to debate. hillary clinton has to get on stain one-on-one and she has to handle what this guy is going to throw at her. she is like, his rhetoric is dangerous. he's like, your husband is a rapist. kennedy: he does have high unfavorables. she is also a likeable candidate. people although they don't like him, they feel compelled to vote for him. >> people who say they think he made racist comments or sexist comments are still willing to vote for him. this elect remains a are even cup on trump. as much as clinton. we all know her problems and highlight them and know what she would do to our country. this is going to be about trump.
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if he gets defined too much too much, that will be a problem. kennedy: he's been defined in an ill light. >> you got to mold it into the convention where that can change. >> with the breck it vote he was there promoting his golf course. he came across tone deaf, i think. but this elect will come down to turnout. who does actually show up, mooning does trump get the evangelicals in the numbers he need them and dose get the rust belt. and can hillary turn out the millennials? kennedy: i know bernie has inspired their passion. if warren is not on her continue the, is that enough to taken
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her? i think the winds are still in her favor. the party and returns in just a bit. the five-time world player of the world, lionel messi *. is he a sore fat loser? the man in the mustache. the take you have been waiting for is coming up.
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kennedy: the united states and the united kick come have enjoyed a special relationship from the cold war and beyond. what will happen now that they exit the european union? joining me is james bolton. you have been writing extensively about the brexit. this is something you and i actually agree on. i'm so excited. welcome. you say the eu is a big sham and we should be celebrating britain's exit. please explain. >> the eu has made europe less than the sum of it parts. it's not a value adding mechanism.
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it's crushing national initiative. it's a thug of innovation. the goal is to create a european super state. it's not a common market. it's not a free trade area. britain's withdrawal is good for britain, good for the united states and good tore western security since eu efforts basically to replace nato or supplant it i think are going to be put on dead stop. despite the market turmoil we have seen since the vote last thursday. i think what's really in trouble is not bring tape, but the european union. >> there has been the argument the eu can't function like it wants to with the beshe moth dragging it down. but now you have countries like sweden and the netherlands, and they are all eyeballing the front door. they want to leave as well.
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i don't think that's disastrous if you are talking about more countries participating in ultimately free trade. >> that's why it's important to understand that financial leaders, media people academics who talk about the end of the european union are mistaking two different things. this is not the end of europe. it does not mean the end of free trade relationships. it does not mean the easy flow of goods and services and trade-in investment between the countries of europe. it means potentially the elimination of this archaic idea that if state governments are good, super state governments are even better. that's why there may be something called the european left in five or 10 years but it won't look anything like wee what we have got today. in france you will see leaders
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like nicolas sarkozy put new fundamentals on the table. that's why the european leaders are so punitive in their statements about britain. they are scared to death britain has sparked something they can't control. kennedy: if you have weaptier nations who want more control over their monetary and fiscal policies. if they want to leave the union, what is left of the countries who have to support the failed states. being part of the eu has been such a great disservice to countries like greece. >> it has been. but it distorted all of the economics. the biggest mistake is the euro, the common currency. these geniuses thought they could create a currency without a country. if you look at the market indicators, the european financial markets and euro itself are doing worse than britain and the pound.
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i think this point in the direction there has to be fundamental changes to whatever is left of the european union. kennedy: the blue collar voters who voted to leave in the uk are the ones who are fed up with it and they want jobs that give them meaningful wages. so i see it has been fitting the individual as well as great britain, and certainly us. more free trade, they are no longer beholden to the treaties that were holding them back from getting cheaper goods and services. >> by allowing the british people to vote the peasants voted to leave the feudal matter. all across europe for decade we have seen whenever you give the people a vote, they vote against deeper european integration. the path of brussels has been
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make them vote again until they get it right. there won't be a second british vote. this is it. they are out of it, and that scares the eu's leaders. kennedy: should republicans who have not endorsed donald trump be allowed to speak at the convention? dana perino is here to discuss it. it's shark week. i'll talk to two shark attack survivors and how they dealt with
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get ready for the rio olympic games by switching to xfinity x1. show me gymnastics. x1 lets you search by sport, watch nbc's highlights and catch every live event on your tv with nbc sports live extra. i'm getting ready. are you? x1 will change the way you experience nbcuniversal's coverage of the rio olympic games. call or go online today to switch to x1. keep * donald trump said he won't invite ted cruz or john
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kasich to speak at the republican convention unless they endorse him. let me ask dana perino. >> i love being on the cool show. let us discuss this. if i were trump, i would be like all these guys are going to do is waltz out on stage is hijack their moment and run for 2020. >> it's true conventions can launch a political career. even i was sitting on the uch saying, would you, w is this. he could be the president in 30 years. then four years later -- i think trump is right if a former candidate or any other republican is asking to speak at the convention and is not going to endorse him or maybe going to try to hurt his evident, i think it's fair donald trump say you
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are not invited to speak. but the conventions aren't only about showcasing the nominee. it's about doing the party's business. a confident candidate to say let her rip. but they haven't asked to speak. but you hear a rumor they are going to break up. no, i already broke up with you. kennedy: like france and germany, like fine, we didn't want you here in the first place, britain. how will it work? cruz did win 8 states. does he automatically get a spot because of that. >> i don't know the rules in terms of automatically. if you look at fred barnes in
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the "wall street journal" saying he has not made the sale to sceptical republicans and he might not ever make the sale because he's not even trying. he expects loyalty without trying to work it. if you look across the board of typical republicans, you have a party for a reason, a party helps get you across the finish line. especially when you are going up against democrats. they have 7 million more people registered in the country than do republicans. kennedy: democratic numbers have swelled while republicans continue to contract. someone has to make the sale. i think donald trump wants to put the party in the party and there will be a lot -- >> he said he will have four stars. it will be a different type of convention. kennedy: tom brady gets to talk
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about unions and deflategate. >> chris christie spoke about romney in 2012. it wasn't a very good speech it was kinds of creepy. kennedy: if romney had to do -- had it to do over, he wouldn't have invited him. elizabeth warren joining hillary clinton in a speech. trump tweeted out prompting hillary's response. >> i must say i do just love to see how she gets under donald trump's thin skin. kennedy: i love my mom, but i feel like my mom is running for president. >> all the candidates in this year are much older than our
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population which is basically young and diverse. hillary thinks she might have those locked up if she can get the bernie sanders voters to come to her side. if you are going to do an event with elizabeth warren, don't wear the same outfit. kennedy: they looked like bowling shirts. >> elizabeth warren can excite a crowd. she can get under donald trump's skin. she is one who is not afraid to deliver an insult. i think what was she thinking what was this native american check the box thing so she could get preference at harvard. kennedy: she insulted hillary clinton repeatedly. and she outshines her. you see the passionate an event like this for elizabeth warren. hillary clinton will never be able to generate that.
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>> you can sit back as the candidate and you don't have to hurl insults at donald trump when elizabeth warren is doing it. kennedy: dana perino thank you. come back early and often. >> if i could vote early and often that would be great, too. kennedy: in this crazy world can kennedy: in this crazy world can a bulldog and fish find love.
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♪my wish for you ♪is that this life becomes all that you want it to♪ ♪your dreams stay big, your worries stay small♪ ♪you never need to carry more than you can hold♪ ♪and while you're out there gettin where you're gettin to♪ ♪and wants the same things too♪ ♪yeah, this is my wish
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kennedy: it's time for the weird part of the show. this is the "topical storm." topic number one. a shout-out to frank. he sent us this story on twitter using #topicalstorm.
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if you think two species can't find love when they lock lips, then you are racist and you are disqualified for the presidency. meet daisy and frank whose forbidden romance spans the elements. daisy is the french bulldog and frank is her amorous coi friend. i tell them to get a room, but daisy would drown on almost no one wants to kiss a corpse. almost. topic number two. dunkin donuts is a powerhouse in the donut community. always trusts and relied upon except in massachusetts.
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look at this horrifying footage. oh, my garden. a tray of full blazed donuts take a tumble. but rather than throwing the suckers in the trash. what does she do? hey, center act, it's the 5 seconds rule, not the 5-minute rule. >> i was there on that fateful day. now that i think about it i think i remember the manager was a little creepy. >> you are closer to the poison donut. toc number three. you heard of glass bottom boat rides. but they don't work well in los angeles because l.a. river is only an inch deep and half a foot wide. so angelenos have a glass slide
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ride 1,000 feet in the air. the glass is over an inch thick and it can withstand 110 miles an hour winds. but can you handle looking down at the street 1,000 feet below your seat? watch. we couldn't show you the rest of that because the sign collapsed and she fell to mother earth. so basically a bunch of designers and engineers were bored and they said glass slide, cool. i would ride it it goes from the 70th floor to the 69th floor. i know we have been waiting for the winner of the world's ugliest dog competition. who would win?
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it's sweepy rambo. look at that little beast. half chihuahua, and half chinese, and half disgusting. she looks like a mad scientist. the thing was sold to dr. morrow. who knows what will become of sweepy rambo. someone watered sweepy rambo. we are all going to die. topic number 5. saturday night winner of the baseball game between the coastal carolina chant clears and the tcu frogs was this kid.
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>> this is more like the look. kennedy: look at that prolonged smoky eye contact with the camera. and just enough shoulder dancing to beguile everyone watching on the jumbotron. he's a young bar on brando with a hot mom. who does that kid in a staring contest dance off with. [♪] kennedy: so gross. that's the pant suit she was wearing with elizabeth warren earlier. this is your day, freckles. if you have weird stories you
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want to see in the "topical storm," tweet me on instagram with the trash tag instagram. coming up, the party panel returns to talk about the reason but been as air is d reason why burkes [beekeeper] from bees to business expenses, i'm in charge of it all. so i've been snapping photos of my receipts and keeping track of them in quickbooks. now i'm on top of my expenses, and my bees. best 68,000 employees ever. that's how we own it.
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[♪] kennedy: i love it so much. lionel messi, arguably the best soccer player in the world. last week he showed his brilliance when he scored an incredible goal against the united states.
12:40 am
but in the final against chile, he had the chance to put the game away and he did this. >> can messi put argentina in front? kennedy: he went on to win the shootout and the championship for the second time in a row. he has taken his country's third consecutive defeat hard. he's calling it quits from international soccer. he's a big quitter. look at them all, so attractive. so you say that if charles barkley, karl malone and patrick ewing had a baby, it would be lionel messi. >> the pain of stardom without a championship is a pain like no other. i wanted to joke and say you are a quitter. clearly not.
12:41 am
unbelievable talent. i use those remembers because i'm more of an american sport guy. international sport, i watch the world cup. but i feel for the guy. all he want to do is deliver tore his team and country. the weight is on his shoulders. kennedy: 29 years old. makes $80 million a year. he could buy himself new femurs. you think he's the brett favre of soccer? >> he was speaking in the emotion of the moment and he will probably come back. maybe this is just emotion of the game. but i think they are being too hard on him. he left argentina at 13. he went to spain. but he still has maintained his
12:42 am
argentinan accent. i think he has to you out a victory for argentina before he leaves international soccer. kennedy: i know you are not a big sport fan. you don't like sport? >> i love our football. >> i don't think this guy is quitting his team. maybe he's just influenced from soccer. he's going to form his own. government is forces taxation and theft. kennedy: the capital city of buenos aires said it is going to shut down it zoo. the zoo's 1,500 animals will be
12:43 am
moved to nature reserves and the zoo will become an ecopark. argentina, what's going on there. first messy are is leaving. >> get. >> the sign of the apocalypse. genesis 1 doesn't apply. remember on day five and day 6 when god made the earth. bees and birds and fish so that man and woman would lord or them. where else do we lord over them other than legitimate farms. zoos. come on. this is self loathing at it finest. >> i tend to disagree with you. i'm a huge animal lover. i'm not a peta member. but i think we can care for animals and the environment in a way that honors just what you
12:44 am
said about genesis 1 and not do it just for the sake of entertaining little kids who then jump into gorillas. there is a way to enjoy animals in a way that doesn't take polar bear s from the arctic and stick them in florida. kennedy: i love everything about this. you said it all. thank you, guys. taxpayer funded hopefully. a shark attack survivor tells me how he and his friend barely escaped an encounter with the escaped an encounter with the bull shark and why despite
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there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95." [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find smarter entry and exit points and can help protect your potential profits. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be.
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>> tonight is a pretty big deal. we are going to check out crimes barrier for the first time. it was rewarding to get back twienter after the shark attack. i think it might help him. kennedy: that is incredible. that's a clip from shark week because it is shark week. that's from "sharks among us." featuring the host who was attacked by a bull shark. and a 16-year-old who was attacked by a shark, and they both recently returned to the waters to see the creatures who attacked them. pull and hunter join me -- paul and hunter join me. your prosthetics are incredible. you were attacked by a bull
12:49 am
shark. >> working with the gavey. i was a clearance diver. one day at work, 7:00 in the morning i was swimming on the surface, and a shark came up from underneath me and grabbed my hand and leg and decided i was breakfast. kennedy: i have been ocean swimming and surfing for years. and you think you would punch them in the face. >> i tried. it runs through your mind so quickly as well. i thought, go for the eyeball. but it had my hand sow i can't reach. i tried to punch it and it removed my hand. >> you said if it would have gotten your femoral artery you would have bled out. you said you didn't feel pain.
12:50 am
you were in waist-deep water in north carolina. you could see the shark was attached to your arm but you couldn't feel pain? >> there is so much adrenaline you don't have time to register what's happening. you don't have time to think, i'll punch this mark? the face. when i was attacked, it was there and gone. then i was lying on the beach. kennedy: i think that's such a fascinating thing that the body somehow protects itself and the brain disconnects so you can survive. >> i'm not going to complain about that. it shaved me a lot of pain -- it saved me a lot of pain. kennedy: you got back in the water. >> six months after. i was living a dangerous life. this is a 16-year-old kid just
12:51 am
lost his arm to a shark and six months later he's going into a cage with the same kinds of shark. kennedy: what did you feel when you saw a shark swimming towards if you that cage. >> like you said, it's the same shark that bit my arm. but they are soup for neat up close. not everybody gets to watch a shark swim around in its natural environment. that fear was replaced with, oh, god, this is super cool. kennedy: if anyone has license to hate sharks would be you and you. but you don't. >> we were in their territory. we are in their home. and that's a wild place. and you have to remember that when you venture out into the ocean. it's a wild place. they are not ma ther -- they art malicious.
12:52 am
you just have to understand it's mistaken identity generally most of the time. and they play an important role in the ocean. kennedy: when you saw mick fanning who was almost attacked. what went through your head? >> i could not believe there was no blood. he disappears from the surface and i thought there is going to be bug. but he just popped up like some whale. i thought you lucky bugger. kennedy: i can't wait to watch this special tonight. i thank you for being here. you guys are courageous and awesome and really cute. thank you. coming up, sharks among us at 10:00 p.m. eastern only on the discovery channel. the texas law hawk has a new commercial. is this a better one? stay right here.
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>> someone just called me.
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kennedy: i hope you remember last year when we covered a lone star attorney with a creative acommercial for his practice. our own friend brian wilson has since made a new advertisement. [♪] >> someone just called me. >> we got trouble out here. >> anchor of justice.
12:57 am
kennedy: better? same? best? the texas law hawk joins me now. welcome back, brian. >> hey, kennedy, how are you doing? kennedy: i'm so glad to say i knew you when you were still an attorney. >> i hope we don't know anywhere other than the courtroom. kennedy: who hates you more, the state bar of texas or cops? >> i think they actually surprisingly will say bar if i were to make a guess. but cops actually in fort worth every cop i talk to, i show the video governor i release it and they laugh. they love it generally. they generally like me. the state bar advertising review
12:58 am
committee, a lot of them still think i might be ruining the practice of law. but they went through this commercial and didn't find any real problems with it. kennedy: you are embracing the practice of law. >> am i ruining it? i might be. that's what people tell me. kennedy: you make it process of a dui very exciting for many texans. because they know you will be there to protect them. when you do the jump on the jet ski did have you to practice it? >> i did not practice it was a one-take thing and it was probably the scariest thing i have done mr. my life. i thought i was going to die or be crippled after that. i learned a valuable lesson. don't promise things months in advance and feel like i have to do it. i said on some show, i'm going
12:59 am
to jump a jet ski off a ramp. and i couldn't back down from what i said. kennedy: what's the point of having the talons of justice unless you can use them to dissect the law. how good has this been for business? >> i have way too many clients, i think right now. i'm actually looking to hire somebody. probably don't need any applications before everybody sends me an application, i have somebody in minds. it's been a lot of -- the phone is ringing off the hook is a long story short. kennedy: i know the commercial is a bang-up success. thank you for sharing it with us again. >> thank you for having me. i appreciate it. kennedy: tomorrow we have judge andrew napolitano.
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